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Headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, FR Systems International has five principal divisions, Fire Retardant Chemical and Barrier Technologies, Health Care Fabrics, Fire Retardant Foliage, Textile Solutions, and FR Bedding.

Within our Fire Retardant Chemicals and Barrier Technologies, Health Care Fabrics Divisions, Fire Retardant Foliage & Textile Solutions, FR Systems International continues to be a leader in the industry today with innovative fire retardant solutions for urethane foam and upholstery fabrics.

For those who manufacture furniture, mattresses and wheel chair cushions, FR Systems International offers nearly 10 years of experience in performance standards. Our proprietary FRx 5000 technology has come a long way since its' inception in 1984.

Recognizing the need for a comfortable and durable bed pillow for the hospitality trade, we at FR Systems International scoured the bedding industry throughout North America and Europe, and came upon a pillow, so unique, The Stamina Pillow, we decided to offer it to the the hospitality trade and the general consumer market.
As a result, our FR Bedding division was born.

Take some time to browse through both our sites, we're sure you'll find them both informative and interesting. Those interested in purchasing our Stamina products, can do so right on-line. If there are any questions we have not answered, please don't hesitate to contact us.

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