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Integrity30™ Fire Barrier

This is a direct comparison between a mattress that meets all the required flame testing in the United States and a mattress that has been tested and certified to meet California Technical Bulletin #129 using Integrity30™ fire barrier. Tests on mattresses using Integrity30 fire barrier have clearly demonstrated a significant reduction in the peak rate of heat release, a measurement of relative safety of the mattress product as measured by full scale fire tests and the NFPA Life Safety Code.

K1™ Residential Fire Barrier
  Seconds are precious in a home fire. The ability for your family to escape will depend on how quickly a fire spreads in your home. The comfortable, cushiony items that we fill our homes with often contain highly flammable filling materials such as polyurethane foam and polyester fiberfill.

FR Systems, manufacturers of premium fabrics for mattresses for the home, is addressing this problem. By incorporating state of the art technology into this mattress product, FR Systems has created a fabric for a supremely comfortable sleep set that reduces the risk that the mattress will contribute significantly to a home fire even if it is the first item ignited.

Imagine a scenario where a curious, small child finds a lighter and attempts to light the underside of a box spring, or where the bed is pushed up against a malfunctioning wall socket, or where a lamp with a 100 watt light bulb falls accidentally on your bed...these are all potentially deadly scenarios.

However, as a fire barrier shield under the outside cover of your mattress, K1™ is protecting the internal flammable components from direct contact with the open flame source. While it does not completely eliminate the threat of fire in the bedroom, it is removing the largest source of fuel for the fire from being an immediate massive contributor to a fire started by what could be a small open flame. All of this is achieved without harsh chemical flame retardants on the fabrics used, and without the use of products like fiberglass. The fire barrier contains Kevlar fiber, the same product used in making bullet proof vests and protective apparel for fire fighters.

Aktiv™ Fire Barrier
  Sometimes, along comes a new product so much better than it's predecessors that it wipes them from memory. The homo sapiens did it to the neanderthals. The automobile did it to the horse drawn carriage. Now, Aktiv™ Fire Barrier Fabric will do it to your current fire barrier.

Many of the current fire barriers on the market are functional, but have serious drawbacks including the coating separating from the knit and balling up under the upholstery fabric, or complete disintegration over a short period of time. Some woven fiberglass products have been demonstrated to be completely demolished in less than four months of use.

Under a full scale fire test, Aktiv™ Fire Barrier is exposed to flames coming in contact with the upholstery fabric. The barrier begins to form a char that helps to block the fire's access to the combustible materials beneath the surface. It also releases chemistry - a fire fighting agent - that slows the progression of the fire on the outside fabric.

This can result in lower peak rates of heat release than passive barriers, which translates to a broader offering of upholstery fabrics and more sales by your company.

FRx 5000™ Fire Barrier
  For those who manufacture furniture, mattresses and wheel chair cushions, FR Systems International offers nearly 10 years of experience in performance standards. Our proprietary FRx 5000 technology has come a long way since its' inception in 1984.

FRx 5000 refers to a fire blocking chemical that is a spray applied to foam cushions. It's a progressive technology because it dramatically improves the fire retardant properties of the foam without compromising it's physical properties. In fact, urethane foam is made performance enhanced because the durable FRx membrane acts as a protective shield against abrasion, perforation and foreign contaminants (feature which extend the life cycle of contract furniture).

The FR Systems approach starts with conventional CAL 117 foam (the designers choice) and one of 5000, very basic spray equipment, and two hours of application instruction.

Scrimtex FR
  Scrimtex FR is a 4.9 oz per square yard fire retardant barrier fabric. Scrimtex FR is designed for applications that require a non combustible fabric ie. industrial partitions, fire retardant containment of flammable materials, acoustical baffles and painted back drops. Meets the CAL 117, NFPA 701 requirements for flame resistance and FF4-72-16CFR, Part 1632 requirements for cigarette ignition.

Fireguard® I
  Fireguard® I is a woven fire retardant innerliner fabric. It is used in mattresses, upholstered furniture and other foam and thermoplastic products. Foam seating and mattresses composites utilizing Fireguard® I have met full scale retardant standards such as CA TB 129, 121, 603 and BFD 9-11. However, it is up to the ultimate manufacturer of the composite to ascertain whether their product complies with the standard. The use of Fireguard® I does not imply compliance with any full scale fire test.

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