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Recovery 5™ Health Care Ticking
  Recovery 5™ Health Care Ticking is a textile solution to a serious design challenge: to make a cushioning surface that supports without increasing interface pressures.
What is needed is a textile product that conforms to the shape of the supported item, acting almost as if it is not there at all! However, when it comes to this shape, it must have the ability to return to its original condition - in other words, IT MUST RECOVER!!! The ability to stretch without recovery creates the potential for "hammocking" and the reduction in product life.
Our highly successful Recovery line of stretchable fabrics is now extended into a heavier weight product specially designed for low air loss, static air, and foam systems for mattresses, wheelchair cushions, and positioners.
The product is a result of our continuing research into the specialized markets for mattress replacement systems and seating products that are sold into the acute and long term health care markets. Our product is specially designed to help reduce interface pressure in conjunction with today's latest state of the art designs to help prevent decubitus ulcers.
The product is moisture resistant, anti-fungal, antibacterial, and breathable - meaning moisture vapor can pass through the fabric making the patient making the patient more comfortable with less heat buildup!

SOFlux OX™
  This 210 Denier Oxford Polyurethane Coated nylon fabric is very popular on medium priced pressure relief mattresses. An excellent replacement for vinyl on University Housing Mattresses - less "sweating" and heat buildup!
Historically in the University Housing market, there has been a difficult tradeoff for housing officers to make when purchasing mattresses. They often had to choose between a tremendously uncomfortable but cleanable vinyl fabric and a more comfortable but staining regular fabric. Finally, there is a solution to this dilemma - SOFlux OXTM fabric from FR Systems International.
This revolutionary fabric has been in use in hospitals for many years as a covering fabric for pressure reduction beds, an application where the comfort of the patient is highly critical. However, the fabric is still cleanable, disinfectable, anti-microbial, anti-fungal (mold and mildew), and has a wonderful feel.
The fabric is often used with the coated surface facing downward, protecting the inner components from blood, urine, and moisture, allowing the nylon fabric side to face the student, giving them a greater sense of comfort.
Most universities have faced the quandary of either having to live with student complaints about how "hot and uncomfortable" their mattresses are, or facing hostile parents at move-in day to the horrible staining that traditional fabrics can not control.
In addition, by combining this product with a fire barrier, a university can still purchase open flame resistant mattresses meeting full scale fire tests like CAL TB 129.

SOFlux PU™
  A 70 Denier Taffeta polyurethane coated nylon in the best choice for healthcare pillows. Combines a soft hand with antibacterial and moisture barrier protection. Widely used as an alternative to vinyl under contract upholstery fabrics. Does not exhibit "plasticizer migration" or cracking like vinyl does over time.

  The most widely used butyl rubber coated nylon fabric in Health Care and University Housing settings. Ideal for products where Low Vapor Transmission (LVT) is essential. This product is also antibacterial and anti-fungal as well as being soft and flexible. SOFlux LVTTM will not crack like vinyl.

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